what the fuck is up . bitches all up on me so i must have big nuts

hmm could two people just follow me ive dropped below 69 since i stopped using this tell ur friends

ok so if i follow heckyeahwater gyp will know my url but if i dont i will be totally leaving my old life behind

man im never gonna get a url as good as this one

hey im gonna stop using this blog so if we have a mutual u can hmu for the url im very sorry

of all of my tumblr crushes i only follow one 0_O

if im still following u at this point ur literally a hero!! ^_^

36!! ^_^

slowly whittlin down the follows! down to 50!

damn i got my own google doodle! ^_^

happy birthday lol

man tumblr is just like not at all improving my mood right now nice i need to change my style of consumption/production

if an episode of friends has the executive producers slide over black with silence and ur not sobbing ur not human

is this that lady gaga chick. grace?

no ive known her tumblr for like a long time kid its livia also graces bio is not like that at all kid